Autonomous Systems

RAS Technology is an expert in the design and development of autonomous systems for over 20 years.

We provide on-road and off-road autonomy kits, mobile robots and applique kits tailor fit to our customer requirements.

Field proven experience

We work in all domains: ground, maritime and air. This way we are transfering domain knowledge from each other., which enables us to make dual use in similar technologies, creates cost effective systems and falicitates integration of multi domain systems. We provide technical assistance, product selection, integration and testing to our customers in these domains.

Multi-domain expertiseDronesAutonomous VehiclesUSVs

Mesh Radios

3D Mapping and Sensor Fusion

RAS Technology Capabilities for Autonomous Systems
Drive-by-Wire System Drive-by-Wire System

Drive-by-Wire System enables seamless control of the Vehicle Platform’s drive actuators and effectors, provides access to the platform sensors, introduces drive cameras and basic situational awareness for the Platform Tele-Operation.    

- LocoMotion Controller

- Actuators & Drives

Communication Systems Communication Systems

- High Bandwidth Mesh Radios

- Secure Encrypted Communication

- COFDM Modulation

- Interference Avoidance

- Video Encoding

Localisation & Sensor Fusion Kit Localisation & Sensor Fusion Kit

Localisation & Sensor Fusion Kit 

provides the best sensors for Localisation (Pose and Direction) of the platform even under Electronic Warfare conditions, performs sensor fusion for 3D mapping and creates output for Autonomous Navigation and World Modeling.


- Anti-Jam Solutions

- Obstacle Detection Sensors

- 3D Mapping Module

- Sensor Fusion Module

Autonomy Kit Autonomy Kit

Autonomy Kit provides state of the art autonomy upto Level 4. The regular kit supports waypoint Navigation and Finite State Machines for desicion making with Obstacle Avoidance. 

The upgraded version includes Leader-Follower functions for dismounted and vehicle support as well as GNSS denied navigation with return to home functionality even in urban environment.         

- Trajectory Planning

- Waypoint Navigation

- Leader-Follower

- Drive Assistance

- GNSS Denied Navigation

- Finite State Machines

Payload Integration Payload Integration

- E/O Sensors

Uncooled/Cooled Thermal Cameras

Laser Range Finders

Laser Designators

Stabilised Gimbals

- Drones

- Tethered Drones


- EW 

Hardware in the Loop Simulators Hardware in the Loop Simulators

- Vehicle Dynamic Models

- Hardware in the Loop Simulator

- Stewart Motion Platforms